Badly Cracked LCD Panel on MacBook Air Fixed By Replacing Just the LCD Panel

This MacBook Air took a hit to the bottom right of the screen. This hit cracked the LCD panel and made about 50% of the screen not usable. Note the pattern of light lines across the display, these are also caused by the crack interrupting the video signal.

You can always use a MacBook Air with a cracked screen by connecting it to your TV or external monitor. This will often times allow you to verify the machine is working properly other than the display, backup any files you need to continue working, or even just switch to using the computer as a desktop model and not get the screen repaired at all.

This client needed their MacBook Air to be mobile, so they sent it in to have the cracked screen replaced. I am able to just replace the LCD panel on this model which saves a lot of money. In the picture below you can see the crack on the LCD panel after it was removed from the display housing.

Cracked LCD Panel

Once the LCD was replaced the computer display worked as good as new! No blemishes visible or any other issues with the display. The client was very happy to have their computer back so they could get back to taking notes in class without using the old fashioned pen and paper!

Badly Cracked LCD Panel on MacBook Air 5

If you need you MacBook Air screen repaired, let me know and I will provide a quote for your model.