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MacBook Pro Refresh and Touch bar with Physical Escape Key

MacBook Pro 16″

The Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pros is finally less annoying. With the 16″ MacBook Pro, Apple has finally given us a separated physical escape key to work with. This is the main issue that caused me to use my 2015 13″ for the last 4 years (besides the lack of ports and the keyboard that doesn’t work when dusty.

The new 16″ MacBook Pro has an old style keyboard which fixes the pesky problematic keyboard as well. The ports are still lacking, but Apple is not going to go backwards on this area no matter what we say. Now we are just waiting for the 13″ variety (or perhaps 14″?) to be released so we can start recommending the MacBook Pro lineup once again.

At MacScreenRepair.com, we love MacBooks. They’re pretty…and pretty awesome. BUT they come with a significant price tag. Apple is confident in their prices because they’re confident in their product. If you are a MacBook Pro owner, we realize that you have made a substantial investment in your MacBook. Therefore, we do what we do to ensure that you have maximum life out of your technology.

Apple MacBook Pro Touch Bar
Apple’s Elegant MacBook Pro Touch Bar. Img from PCMag.com

Recent Changes to the MacBook Pro

A few weeks ago, the folks at MacRumors.com updated a post they had written about recent updates to our beloved MacBook Pro. They discussed new processors and GPUs that Apple dropped into their MacBooks back in June of 2018. The updated article can be found here.

Although faster processors are always a welcome modification, we still can’t get over the physical escape key and older style keyboard. It looks amazing and adds useful functionality. Whenever you have a union between sleek aesthetics and increased functionality – we feel that it’s a union to be celebrated.

Tips and Tricks for Using the Touch Bar

While we are not huge fans of the Touch Bar, we do understand it is useful to some people. Recently, MacWorld.co.uk wrote a useful article regarding tips for fully utilizing the new touch bar. These tips include information on how to…

  • turn it on
  • customize the Control Strip
  • add favorite apps
  • adjust brightness
  • adjust volume
  • open Siri
  • use predictive text
  • correct spellings
  • format your text
  • add emojis
  • see Function keys
  • get the Escape key

This brief list barely scratches the surface of what’s in the article. If you have a MacBook Pro with a touch bar, head over to the article and give it a read. After all, technology is only as useful as it’s user allows it to be.

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