How the Nationwide Mail-in Mac Repair Service Works

Nationwide Mail-in Service

My nationwide repair service allows you to mail your computer or drive to me for service. You can choose which method to use during checkout.
1) Mail your device in using the carrier and shipping speed of your choice.
2) Have me send you a shipping box with a prepaid Fedex ground return label.

All of these options are available during the checkout process. Just select the repair you would like and you will be guided through the checkout process.

There is no need to pay before the repair is complete! Select “Pay after Repair” during checkout if you would rather not pay until the repair is complete.

The mail-in service is very simple

Find your computer

Find your computer and the service you need, or ask me to help! If you don’t know what kind of Mac you have or what service you need, on the bottom of your computer is a serial number. Just fill out my screen repair form and let me know the serial number and the problem with your computer and I can send you a link to the correct service and let you know the pricing. My form even lets you attach a photo of the issue! Or, allow me to help you find the correct service via live chat support at the bottom right of this page.

Select the repair you need for your Mac

I offer Mac repair for all kinds of issues! If you are not sure what is wrong, just send your computer in and I will give it a free diagnosis to start. If you would like a quote for a repair you need you can fill out my repair form and include a picture of any damage so I can let you know what you need to replace.

Complete the checkout process

During checkout you will have options for paying upfront, or waiting until the repair is complete. I also have a couple shipping options you will be able to choose from during checkout including sending you a box with a prepaid Fedex Ground label for $25.

Ship the computer to me

Once your Mac is packed securely, ship it out to me!

Shipping Instructions if you are shipping your computer in:

Please send just the computer, no powercord or disks to:

Mac Screen Repair
4234 Interstate 75 Business Spur
Sault Sainte Marie, MI 49783

Please include in the box a note with your name, address, email address, and telephone number so I can match your computer to your order and contact you with questions.

I suggest using bubble wrap and wrapping the computer until there is at least 4 inches of bubble wrap around the whole computer. I can not be held responsible for any damage or loss during shipping so you might want to insure the package.

Wait for your computer to get back.

When I receive your computer I will let you know via email and start the diagnosis/repair process. I will keep you updated throughout the process via email so keep an eye on that inbox!