I will only be completing screen repairs on Saturdays for the rest of 2024. Any computers that I receive Monday through Friday will be completed on Saturday.

Please do contact me with any questions.

I would be pleased to answer any questions you have about your Mac repair needs. After spending 2 decades in the Mac repair industry, I have a lot of knowledge I am happy to share. Below you can fill out a quote request, or you can give me a call or email me. You can even text me! I look forward to helping you with your Mac repair.

Mac Screen Repair
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Open Mon-Fri 8-5


About Me

I’m Nathan. You can read a little about me and what I enjoy working on below! You can also read the posts in my blog to see what I am currently working on.


I am proud of the reviews I have received from clients. After over a decade of repairing Macs, I have amassed hundreds of reviews from happy clients.

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Are you looking to get a free quote on repairing your Mac? Just fill out my quote form and I will get back to you ASAP with how much it will cost to get your Mac like new.

The Mail-in Process

I offer a mail-in service that provides a safe and convenient way to utilize my affordable Mac repair services from anywhere in the country!

About Me

Nathan the lead Mac repair technician.

Mac Repair Tech
I have been working on Macs professionally for over 20 years now. I started by installing Airport Cards into old G3 iBooks and PowerBooks. Then I really got into repairing screens with the original white and black MacBooks back in the day.

Website Guy
In the last few years, I have built my skills as a website designer as well as a search engine optimizer. My website creation and optimization services are available over at Visible Deviation.

Data Recovery
When you work a lot with computers, you always end up seeing cases where hard drives fail with important data still on them. I have learned enough over the years to be able to offer safe and effective data recovery services, and refer the cases that are beyond my capabilities to techs I personally know and trust.

5 Star Reviews

I am proud of the reviews I have received from my customers. Every time somebody leaves me a good review it lets me know that all the hard work is appreciated. Take some time to get to know me through what my customers say about my Mac Repair services below. I have over 500 5-star reviews.


Back when I started working on Macs, Yelp was the best way to receive reviews. I currently have over four hundred 5-star reviews on Yelp from happy customers!


After some time Google started to be the go-to for reviews. I have received over a hundred 5-star reviews for my Mac Repair services on Google.


I have to admit to not keeping my Facebook page updated as much as I should, but that didn’t stop clients from leaving me some 5-star reviews!

Looking for a quote?

If you would like to have your computer repaired and are not sure about the costs involved or what service you need, please fill out this form. I will reply to you within a few hours. You can also chat with me by clicking the bubble at the bottom right of the screen, text me, call, or shoot me an email. I look forward to helping you figure out what you need for your computer.

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