I will only be completing screen repairs on Saturdays for the rest of 2024. Any computers that I receive Monday through Friday will be completed on Saturday.

MacBook Logic Board Repair

Let me help you get your Mac back up and running after a board repair. Whether it is caused by liquid damage, drop damage, or just stopped working, I can help! You only pay if the board repair is successful. Just fill out the form below to start the process:

Logic Board Repair

I am able to repair logic boards that are no longer working about 90% of the time. There are a few issues I do not repair including CPU failure and issues with the T2 security chip, but the majority of logic board issues I am able to address. The most common cause of board failure is liquid damage, but sometimes boards can just fail for seemingly no reason.

Liquid Damage Repair

With liquid damage the repair needed and price points vary quite a bit depending on the damage and the model of the Mac. Many shops require some sort of up-front payment to even diagnose a liquid-damaged Mac, but not here! I offer a free diagnosis where I will give you all your options for repairing the computer, retrieving the data if the computer is not worth repairing, and even options for upgrading your computer in the process. If you decide not to go with any repair, I charge $15 to cover the shipping to send the computer back to you.

Common Repairs for Liquid Damage

While liquid damage can damage everything in your computer (or nothing at all), here are a couple of the services that are more common when it comes to repairing Macs that have been damaged by liquid.

Logic Board Cleaning

Price $199
Turnaround Time: 2 days on average
A professional cleaning will be necessary if the liquid has started to corrode the logic board. In some cases, all that is necessary to get a computer back up and running is a professional cleaning!

Trackpad Replacement

Price $99-249
Turnaround Time: 2 days on average
The trackpad can begin to behave erratically when it is damaged by liquid. Often times the issues will show up as the trackpad not recognizing input, not clicking properly (selecting items without you clicking), or even moving on its own. I can replace just the keyboard on Mac laptops rather than replacing the entire top case assembly.

Keyboard Replacement

Price $129-379
Turnaround Time: 2 days on average
I offer a component-level replacement on keyboards for Macs. This means instead of having to replace the entire top case assembly, I am able to replace just the keyboard itself. Many times when the liquid comes into contact with the keyboard it will short and cause the wrong keys to come up when pressed. It can even cause the computer to not turn on as the power button is part of the keyboard.

Logic Board Repair

Price $Varies
Turnaround Time: 14 days on average
Sometimes liquid on the logic board will cause a short that requires logic board repair. I offer logic board-level repairs with a no-fix no charge pricing structure.

Logic Board Replacement

Price $Varies
Turnaround Time: 5-7 days on average
If the logic board is not repairable it will require replacement. Once the free diagnosis is complete I will be able to provide a quote for a replacement board as well as the turnaround time for the repair.

Liquid Damage Repair Process

  1. Get the computer to me for my free diagnosis. You can use the service available at the top of this page to checkout for a free diagnosis via Mail-in. You will have the option during the checkout process of having me send you a box with a prepaid label (for $25), this will include the shipping to get the compute back to you as well even if repair is denied. Or, if you would rather ship it in yourself using your own materials there is no additional charge for that. I do charge $15 to ship the computer back to you if the repair is denied.
  2. Wait for diagnostics results. Once the liquid-damaged laptop is received, I will complete my free diagnosis to determine what requires repair or replacement. You will receive an email from me detailing the results of the diagnosis and requesting your approval to continue with the repair.
  3. Approved or denied. If you approve the repair, I will continue with the process and update you throughout. If you decide not to go with the repair, there is no charge. You may pick up your machine when convenient, or I will ship your liquid damaged mac back for $15.
  4. Repair Complete. Once the repair is complete I send you an invoice for the total amount as agreed when the diagnosis was completed. You may pay via PayPal or any major credit card.
  5. Payment Completed. Once payment is received I will send the laptop back to you at no additional charge (or you may pick it up).