I will only be completing screen repairs on Saturdays for the rest of 2024. Any computers that I receive Monday through Friday will be completed on Saturday.

MacBook Screen Repair

Mail-in MacBook Screen Repair

I replace the cracked or broken screen in your MacBook laptop quickly and affordably – so you can get back to getting things done with your computer.

Affordable MacBook screen repair services are hard to find

Your computer suffered some damage, or even just stopped working on its own, and now you need to have the screen replaced so you can get back to working on your MacBook. Calling Apple and other MacBook repair shops, you find the price for a screen replacement is close to the cost of buying a replacement computer.

Apple usually picks bleeding edge technology for their MacBooks, which means a higher component level cost. Combine this expensive component cost with Apple’s practice of combining multiple components together into an assembly when offering a repair. Now you have multiple expensive components that make up your even more expensive display assembly.

I offer MacBook screen repair at the lowest possible price by replacing just the broken component rather than the entire display assembly. If the entire display assembly needs to be replaced on your MacBook, I also offer that service at the lowest price I can offer.

Component Level Repair: LCD Vs Display

I offer component-level repair of displays for most models. This means I can replace just the cracked LCD panel in your MacBook instead of having to replace the entire display assembly.

LCD Panel being removed from display assembly on 2020 MacBook Air M1

LCD Panel Replacement

I replace just the cracked LCD.

The LCD panel that I use is the same LCD model that Apple uses in their dispays.

24 Hour Turnaround

Display Assembly being removed from MacBook Air 2020 M1

Display Assembly Replacement

I replace the entire display assembly.

I use a display assembly that I source through Apple’s self-service program.

3-5 Day Turnaround

MacBook Screen Repair Services

MacBook Air Screen Repair

I offer MacBook screen repair for all MacBook Air models from 2010 through the new M1 2020 A2337 model. You can submit a quote request below if you are not sure what model you have.

MacBook Pro Screen Repair

I offer MacBook screen repair for all MacBook Pro models from 2009 through the new M series model. You can submit a quote request below if you are not sure what model you have.

Not sure what you need to be repaired? Looking for a quote?

If you would like to have your computer repaired and are not sure about the costs involved or what service you need, please fill out this free quote form. I will reply to you within a few hours.

Mac Screen Repair Logo

All repairs are available nationwide via my mail-in repair service

My mail-in service is Simple

I understand how frustrating having a broken laptop can be, so I have created my nationwide repair service with your ease in mind. You will see it is an easy process indeed.

Get Quote

This step is optional, if you have already found the pricing for the repair you want on my website, you can skip this step. Otherwise, fill out my quick quote form and I’ll get back to you quickly! Note that my prices include the shipping to get the computer back to you after repair.

Fill Out Order Form

My order forms are quick and easy. Just put in your contact info, select the service you need, and select if you want the laptop shipping box with the Ground label sent to you. However you decide to ship it in, I will cover the cost of shipping the computer back to you.

Ship In Your Mac

If you chose to ship in your Mac yourself, simply pack it up and ship it out following the instructions linked below. If you ordered the shipping box service, I’ll get the $25 invoice out to you via email for payment. The box and return label will ship out as soon as that invoice is paid.

And just like that, You’re Done!

Now you can leave the rest to me.

I’ll take care of your Mac and get it back up and running as quickly as possible. I’ll also keep you updated throughout the entire process with email updates. When the repair is complete, I will send you an invoice via email. I use Square for my invoices, so you can pay with any major credit card.

Why Choose Me For Your MacBook Screen Repair

I am a full-service repair shop, specializing in component-level repair. This means we offer services that most shops will not offer because of the difficulty level. A lot of Apple repair shops will repair computers by replacing entire assemblies. For example, if you have a cracked LCD panel and your MacBook but your glass and aluminum lid are fine, a lot of shops will replace the entire top screen assembly (lid, glass, isight camera, LCD, LVDS cable, hinges, etc) rather than just replacing the bad LCD panel. We work hard to replace just the broken components, making our services noticeably less expensive than most shops.

I got into the screen repair business when the White and Black MacBook were first released. Back in 2006, Apple came out with the design featuring white and black MacBooks. There were not a lot of shops that were offering LCD replacement on the MacBook computers for less than $350. We started offering the repair at $180 with our unparalleled 24-hour turnaround. Now there are a lot of shops offering repair services for cracked glass and broken LCDs on the MacBooks, but we continue to be one of the best quality repair shops in the nation. Over the years of offering this repair, we have found the best sources for replacement LCDs, honed our techniques of removing the glass (when necessary) without causing damage to the rubber trim that surrounds the glass, and found the best adhesive for installing the new components. We know it is important for you to get your computer back ASAP. For that reason, we offer a 24-hour turnaround on our repairs. We will have the computer repaired and shipped back to you/ready for pick up within 1 day of receiving your MacBook for repair.

No matter what is wrong with your MacBook screen, I can fix it! If you are unsure of the issue on your MacBook, please take a couple of pictures showing the damage and email them to me. We will review them and get back to you with exactly what you need to get the computer repaired.


I have hundreds of reviews from happy clients on Google maps as well as Yelp. Here are some from Google to look through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth repairing a MacBook screen?

It is worth repairing your MacBook screen if the cost of the repair is less than the value of your computer. The current MacBook Air has a value of around $700 used, so it is worth repairing the screen with our $299 MacBook screen repair service.

How much does it cost to fix a broken MacBook Pro?

The cost of the repair will depend on the model of the MacBook Pro and the issue present. If you have an A2338 2020 MacBook Pro and you need a new display assembly, that will cost $549. You can view more pricing details on our MacBook Pro services page.

How much is it to replace your MacBook screen?

The cost of the repair will depend on your model with a basic range of $179-$429 for the MacBook Air models, and $329-$799 for the MacBook Pro models.

Can I replace my MacBook screen myself?

There are options for repairing your MacBook screen yourself, but it is an intermediate to advanced repair that you should only attempt if you are comfortable working on electronics.

Do Apple Stores do repairs on MacBook screens?

If the computer is new enough, the Apple store will either repair the computer inhouse or mail out the computer to a repair center for the repair to be completed.

How long does a MacBook screen repair take?

It takes 24 hours to complete an LCD replacement, and 3-5 days to complete a display replacement.

What causes lines on a MacBook screen?

Lines on a MacBook screen are usually caused by a crack in the LCD panel. The crack can be behind the bezel and therefore not visible.