The Cost Of Replacing a MacBook Pro Screen in 2022

The MacBook Pro was first released in 2006, replacing the very popular PowerBook lineup. I remember being a little upset with Apple for making the switch to the intel processors, until I used one! After 16 years of the MacBook Pro, there are quite a few models that might need to get their screens replaced. The cost of the repair will depend on the year and model of the MacBook Pro, as well as the problem it is having with its screen. Below I will cover the most common models I see for repair and the cost of repairing each model. If you have an older model or something I do not cover below, please fill out my quote form and I will get back to you on the cost to get your screen fixed!

MacBook Pro Screen Repair Cost

How much does it cost to replace a 13″ MacBook Pro screen? The cost to replace a 13″ MacBook Pro screen is $329-$549 for most modern models. The A1706, A1708, and A1989 models are $329 for the screen repair. The A2159, A2251, and A2289 models are $429. The A2338 model is $429 for the LCD or $549 for the entire display.

How much does it cost to replace a 15″ MacBook Pro screen? The cost to replace a 15″ MacBook Pro screen is $429-$799 for most modern models. The A1707 model is $429 for the screen repair. The A1990 model is $499. The A2485 model requires a full display replacement and is $799 for the entire display.

How much does it cost to replace a 16″ MacBook Pro screen? The cost to replace a 16″ MacBook Pro screen model A2485 is $799 for the full display replacement.

Below I cover the most common MacBook Pro models with examples of damage that will need screen repair. You can view the pricing for all my MacBook Pro Screen Repair Services.

A2338 M1 MacBook Pro 2020

13″ 2020 M1 A2338 MacBook Pro $429-$529

I can replace just the LCD panel on this model. I use the exact same model LCD panel that Apple uses in the display assembly.

Full Display Replacement. The cost to replace the entire display assembly on a 2020 MacBook Pro model A2338 with a genuine Apple display assembly is $549.

I am able to order the screen directly from Apple utilizing their self-repair program, complete the repair, and contact Apple to have them complete the configuration in order to have a fully Apple Genuine display replacement.

A1989 13 inch MacBook Pro

13″ 2019 A1989 MacBook Pro $329

The 13” MacBook Pro is the model number A1989. This is one of the models that I am able to source just the LCD panel for the screen repair. By replacing just the cracked LCD I am able to save you money on the repair. Note this is an intel version of the laptop, so replacing just the LCD is all that is necessary for most situations. The cost to repair the screen of a 13″ 2019 MacBook Pro is $329.

A2485 MacBook Pro M1 2020 Laptop

16″ 2020 M1 A2485 MacBook Pro $799

The 2020 M1 MacBook Pro is model number A2485. I am able to source this full display assembly directly from Apple thanks to their self-repair program. The cost to replace the display assembly on a 16″ M1 2020 MacBook Pro is $799.

Other MacBook Pros

I offer screen repairs for most MacBook Pro models. Please contact me for a custom quote, or visit my MacBook Pro Screen Repair page to view the pricing of other models.

Selecting The Correct Repair

Although there are multiple parts in a display assembly, you may not need to replace all of them to get your computer fully working again. Knowing the basic parts that are required to complete your MacBook screen repair will help you select the correct repair for your needs.

LCD panel only replacement

LCD Panel

When the computer is open, the image is displayed on the LCD panel which is the part of the screen you can touch. The LCD panel is the most commonly broken part on a MacBook Pro screen. If you have a cracked screen, you will most likely need an LCD replacement.

Display Assembly Replacement

Display Assembly

You will likely need to replace the entire display assembly if there are any bends or dents on the corners of your display. The full display assembly includes the LCD panel, the back housing where the Apple logo is, the clutch cover along the bottom of the screen where it says “MacBook Pro”, and the hinges.

Clutch or Hinge Cover (Also called Bezel)

The clutch cover is the part of the MacBook that runs along the bottom of the screen and says “MacBook Pro” on it. Sometimes, I see clutch covers that are cracked or broken, but the LCD panel itself is working fine. This means that if the computer works perfectly and the entire screen is visible and working, but there is a crack along the bottom of the screen in the part that says “MacBook Pro”, you just need a clutch cover replacement rather than an LCD replacement.

iSight Camera

The MacBook Pro camera is not known for having issues. If the camera does stop responding, the issue is most likely with the cables that connect to the camera, or the logic board inside your computer. Sometimes though, the cameras will fail and require replacement. Unfortunately with the way these MacBook Pros are assembled, you usually have to replace the LCD panel when you replace the camera.

Back Housing

The back housing, which is sometimes referred to as the “lid,” is the part that has the Apple logo on it. Usually, the housing does not need to be replaced, but if there is a dent on the corner of the housing, a dent on the housing itself, or if liquid damage is present in the housing, then you will need the housing replaced. Again, because of the way these are assembled, you normally can’t replace just the housing by itself and have to replace the entire display assembly.


On older model Macs from the 2006-2012 era, the hinges connecting the display to the computer sometimes cracked or broke, causing the display to not stay up properly. This was much rarer on the newer MacBook Pros, but it can happen. Some models required an entire display replacement in order to replace the hinges, while others allowed the hinges to be replaced separately. Because Apple has started routing cables through the hinges, usually the entire display assembly had to be replaced if there are issues with the hinges.

Repair Shop Considerations

Some things to consider when looking for a shop to complete a screen repair on a MacBook Pro include the number of years the shop has been in business, the quality of its work, and the price they charge for the service. With so many repair shops to choose from, doing your research can help you find the best possible option for your needs.


To see if a shop has a good reputation, ask your friends, family, and co-workers about their experiences and read online reviews. Google, Yelp, and Facebook are great resources for reviews.

Knowledgable & Friendly

The staff should be knowledgeable and friendly, making you feel comfortable enough to ask questions and trust them to do a good job. By calling the shop and asking questions, you can get a sense of whether or not they would be a good fit for you.


Get a few quotes from different shops to compare rates before making a decision – some repair shops are more affordable than others due to overhead or the cost of renting in a particular location.


If something goes wrong, will the shop’s warranty or guarantee cover you? Going with a shop that offers a 60-day warranty can give you some peace of mind.

Data Privacy

What is the shop’s policy on data privacy? Make sure you’re comfortable with how your personal information will be treated before you give them your business. Some repairs require the technician to log in to your computer during the repair process, while other repairs do not.

Turnaround Time

How long does it usually take for the repair? Some shops take longer than others to repair your computer. As an example waiting for a display assembly from Apple usually takes 3-5 days.

Choose a computer repair shop that you feel good about after researching your options. A little effort upfront can save you a lot of hassle later on when you need your MacBook screen repaired.

Repair Shop Recommendations

I have over a decade of experience in the Mac Repair industry and can offer insights into different Mac Repair shops that do good work. There are thousands of Mac repair shops, but some that I have gotten to know over the years and have found to be good shops are: – If you are looking for someone to trust with your Mac’s screen repair, I believe that I am a great choice! I offer fast trunaround, quality work, and affordable pricing.

Rossmanngroup – I have known the owner (Louise) since we were both newbies in the repair space. His shop provides great work. They are currently based in New York but moving to Texas soon.

MackTechs – These guys are a smaller, more intimate shop and provide solid, individualized service to their clients. They are based in Philadelphia.

TCRS – I have asked for Tim’s help on logic board repairs many times over the past decade. He does not necessarily specialize in screen repair, but his shop is a great choice if you need logic board-level repairs. They are based in SoCal and they have a great reputation.

I’m sure you can find a good repair shop to complete your MacBook screen repair if you do some research on the ones you’re interested in.

Apple Store Repair Cost

If you have a MacBook Pro that is not covered under AppleCare+, you will spend between $575 and $900 repairing your screen through Apple. There are a couple of different ways that the display repair is billed, so the price you are quoted will vary, but these are the standard quotes. Note that each damage tier is added to by a labor charge, which is usually $100. So a display repair for a 13″ MacBook Pro is usually about $480 + a $100 labor charge. If you were to take your MacBook Pro to a different repair shop, the price could be significantly lower or higher depending on the shop you go to.

Tier 1 Accidental Damage does not usually cover the display. It is for other parts that might have been accidentally damaged like the touchpad getting cracked or the fingerprint sensor on the keyboard being damaged. Tier one is usually quoted at $280 + a labor charge at the Apple store, although I have heard it quoted as low as $230 +labor.

Tier 2 Accidental Damage does cover the display, as long as everything else on the computer is not damaged. So if there is a dent or any kind of damage on a component other than the display, it can not be repaired under tier 2. Tier 2 repair is usually about $480-700 +labor at the Apple store.

Tier 3 Accidental Damage covers the display as well as other components that are damaged, as long as the logic board is still working properly. This tier is usually $825-1000 +labor at the Apple Store.

Tier 4 Accidental Damage covers everything that could have been damaged in the computer, including the logic board. This is the tier that is usually quoted for liquid-damaged computers. A tier 4 repair is usually quoted at $1150-1500 + labor at the Apple store.

Does Apple Care cover a cracked screen MacBook Pro?

When you buy your computer, you are given the option to purchase AppleCare+. AppleCare+ does partially cover the cost of repairing a cracked screen on a MacBook Pro. If you decide to purchase AppleCare+ and crack your screen, the total for the repair will be $99.

If you decide to not purchase AppleCare+ and instead just keep the standard 1-year warranty, the cracked screen repair is not covered.

Will the Apple store replace the screen if the MacBook Pro is old?

Apple stores replace parts on computers that are less than 7 years old; however, if your Mac is over 7 years old, you can still get it repaired, but you will need to visit a repair shop that is not an Apple store to have the service completed.

Do It Yourself MacBook Pro Screen Repair Cost

I don’t recommend that beginners or intermediate-level technicians attempt to replace the LCD on a MacBook Pro. It’s best to start practicing with bad screens before moving on to repairs like this. LCDs are delicate, and you can cause all kinds of problems during the repair, like scratching backlight sheets or ripping cables under the LCD panel.

The display assembly replacement is a lot easier and can be completed by somebody with some technical repair experience. Apple has a self-repair program that covers the A2338 and A2485 models of MacBook Pro. You can read about the program and get links in my 2020 M1 MacBook Pro screen replacement guide. The self-repair program is a great way to save money on the A2338 and A2485 models of MacBook Pro.

I will say that I have seen a lot of damaged screens when people attempt to repair the LCD panel on a MacBook Pro themselves. Normally, the damage is not fixable and you have to then replace the entire display assembly.

If you are experienced enough to complete the repair, you can find the panels on public sites like iFixit, eBay, Amazon, etc. As a shop, you will probably want to work with your vendor to get panels that have a guarantee so you can hold them in stock. The price for panels usually ranges from around $250 to about $550 for the newest model. Generally, the panels decrease in price with time, but sometimes if an LCD panel is not used frequently by apple, they will become rare and cost more over time for new ones.

I plan to put together a guide for repairing a few models of the MacBook Pro and will post it here when it is ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to replace a 13″ MacBook Pro screen?

    he cost to replace a 13″ MacBook Pro screen is $329-$549 for most modern models. The A1706, A1708, and A1989 models are $329 for the screen repair. The A2159, A2251, and A2289 models are $429. The A2338 model is $429 for the LCD or $549 for the entire display.

  2. How much does it cost to replace a 15″ MacBook Pro screen?

    The cost to replace a 15″ MacBook Pro screen is $429-$799 for most modern models. The A1707 model is $429 for the screen repair. The A1990 model is $499. The A2485 model requires a full display replacement and is $799 for the entire display.

  3. Can you replace a MacBook screen yourself?

    You can repair a MacBook Air Screen yourself with the right tools, but it’s a moderately difficult repair. Unless you have some experience in repairing electronics, I don’t recommend trying to do it yourself.

  4. Does Apple replace MacBook Air screens for free?

    Apple will replace the MacBook screen for free if there are no cracks or physical damage present, but the laptop must be under warranty or AppleCare+. Sometimes screens will stop working on their own, and these types of problems will be covered under your warranty.

  5. How long does it take to repair a MacBook Air screen?

    It takes 24 hours to complete a MacBook Air screen repair. Most shops will quote a turnaround time of 3-7 days for this repair.

  6. How much does Apple charge to replace a MacBook Pro screen?

    Apple charges between $575 and $900 to replace most MacBook Pro screens if it is not under warranty. If you have AppleCare+, the cost to replace the screen through Apple is $99.

  7. Is it worth replacing a MacBook Pro screen?

    This is a great question to discuss with the shop you are thinking of doing the repair. Most of the time the answer is yes, it is worth repairing a MacBook Pro screen if the MacBook Pro is useful to you. The cost of the repair usually decreases with time, so older MacBook Pros will cost less to repair than newer MacBook Pros.

  8. Does Apple Care cover a cracked screen MacBook Pro?

    AppleCare+ generally does not cover a cracked screen completely. Rather it covers all but $99 of the screen replacement service. If there is liquid damage involved, then the charge is $299.

  9. Does Apple offer repair for older MacBook Pro?

    The Apple Store will generally offer repair services for computers up to 5 years old. In California, they are required by law to offer repairs for computers up to 7 years old.