MacBook Pro with Cracked Glass but Good Display

MacBook Pro’s have a panel of glass covering the LCD panel on the display. If you special ordered your MacBook Pro as a Matte screen MacBook Pro, this glass panel will not be present. You can know if you have a glass panel covering the LCD panel by looking at the color of the area …

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MacBook Display Issue

This MacBook has a defective display panel. We had to replace the panel with a new display to get the MacBook up and running. Have a different Mac laptop that you need repaired? We offer screen repair services for almost every mac model. Find out the pricing for your Mac by filling out the form …

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Retina MacBook Pro A1398 Cracked Screen Repair

15 inch MacBook Pro Retina with bad display

This new Retina MacBook Pro had an LCD failure. It was reported by the user as not being dropped or mishandled in any way, the display just stopped working. It is very very rare for us to see a screen with no physical damage that just failed on this model. Once we replaced the display on …

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A1286 MacBook Pro LCD Replacement

15 inch MacBook Pro A1286 with cracked LCD

This MacBook Pro took quite a hit from the back. Something fell on the laptop when it was closed causing the LCD to crack. After replacing the LCD, the computer looks as good as new except for a small dent on the lid. Do you need your MacBook Pro display repaired? We offer both LCD and …

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