Even cracked screens come in two and threes.

MacBook Air Screen Repair 27 Feb 2022

It is odd how many things seem to happen in batches. I will get a couple of the same model computers in at a time almost always. So I will have a rush of MacBook Air screens, then a rush of MacBook Pro screens, sometimes particular models will happen in rushes, etc. In this case …

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Liquid Damage on Macbook Air

Liquid Damage scaled

This MacBook Air came in yesterday with the issue description as will not boot. After opening it up I saw some liquid damage on the logic board and I thought this picture of the damage was actually kind of cool looking. I thought I would post it for anybody else who finds corrosion oddly beautiful. …

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MacBook Air LCD replacement due to crack on screen

MacBook Air LCD Cracked 2c

This MacBook Air had a crack that originated on the bottom right of the screen as you can see in the pictures below. The crack caused discoloration and other distortion on the screen across most of the display. The only broken part on this computer was the LCD panel itself. While Apple and most other …

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MacBook Air display repair with LCD only replacement

Crack at top left MacBook Air 1

Another 2017 13″ MacBook Air with a cracked LCD screen arrived from another state. LCD only repair on MacBook Air’s from 2010-2017 are my #1 seller as it is one of the products I am able to keep in stock currently. This one was cracked along the top of the display as the pictures show. …

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