Data recovered from iMac that wouldn’t boot fully

Deepspar disk imager working

A local client came in with an iMac that would sometimes boot up, but not always. When it did fully boot, they were not able to get all the information off the computer before it stopped working again. Due to the age of the machine, the client was not interested in repairing the computer. They …

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Cracked LCD panel on MacBook Air 2020 M1

cracked MacBook Air M1 2020

I recently had a MacBook Air 2020 M1 model, all the way in Wisconsin, come into my repair center with a cracked LCD panel. The Challenge: A Cracked LCD Panel on a MacBook Air 2020 M1 The MacBook Air 2020 M1 is known for its sleek design and impressive performance. However, like any electronic device, …

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Cracked A1708 MacBook Pro From California

Cracked bezel on A1708

This MacBook Pro came in from CA with a few cracks in the bezel (the part that is along the bottom of the screen). It also had a malfunctioning LCD panel. Once I had replaced the LCD panel and the bezel, the computer was as good as new! The repair was completed within 24 hours …

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Something left on keyboard area cracked screen.

A2337 before and after screen repair

This M1 MacBook Air had something left on the keyboard area when the computer was closed. This caused the screen to crack. The only damage was to the LCD panel. Replacing just the cracked LCD panel was a lot cheaper than replacing the entire dispaly assembly, and now it is back to 100% functional.

A1989 line on screen

A1989 before and after screen repair

This 13″ MacBook Pro had a line on the screen that was being caused by a crack on the very top. Sometimes the computer would boot to just a black screen with the line, and other times it would boot up and be usable, but the line was still visible. I just had to replace …

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