MacBook Air Closed on Object, Cracking Screen

Before and After of a MacBook that was closed on object.

Having a MacBook closed on an object (think AirPods, charger cable, pencil, etc), is one of the most common causes of cracked screens I see. This M1 MacBook Air was closed on something that was laying on the keyboard, and that caused the LCD panel to crack as you see in the photos. I also …

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2021 MacBook Pro 16″ Display Replacement

A2485 2021 16" Screen Repair Before and After

This A2485 16″ MacBook Pro took a serious hit to the corner of the display. As you can see in the pictures it caused extensive damage to the LCD panel as well as the display housing. The only way to repair this issue is to replace the entire display assembly. On this particular model, there …

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A1932 MacBook Pro Blank Screen with Crack

A1932 Cracked Screen Repair Before and After

This A1932 MacBook Air from 2019 had a cracked LCD panel that caused the entire display to stay black. The only signs of life were the backlight coming on and illuminating the cracks on the screen. The client shipped the computer to me for repair asking that I replace just the cracked LCD panel. This …

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A1466 Bad Screen – Common Issue

A1466 MacBook Air Before and After Screen Repair

I have covered this common issue in other blog posts, so I will just link those here and not go on and on about this very common MacBook Air issue. This common issue can look like a few different things, but here is a good example of an LCD panel issue with the A1466 Model …

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Black Screen With Colored Lines

Before and after of MacBook Air screen repair

This MacBook Air got mailed in with a screen that was completely black except for a few colored lines. I thought this is one of the cracked screens that looks like some art I have seen. The lines on the screen are actually the cracks. It is not uncommon for the newer MacBook Air screens …

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