Full Apple Display Swap on A2337 2020 MacBook Air

A2337 2020 Air with cracked screen

Every once in a while I will have a customer that has a crack on the screen that can be fixed by just replacing the LCD panel, but they want to have the entire display assembly replaced with a Genuine Apple display assembly. It is a more expensive part, but the labor to install it …

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2017 MacBook Air Damaged Screen

2017 Air Cracked Display

The hit that cracked the LCD panel on this computer was pretty hard and was centered on a point. I let the client know that there was a possibility of a white spot after repair on this particular model with the type of damage I was seeing. The newer model MacBook Airs (2018-2022), rarely have …

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A2179 Cracked Black Screen – Affordable Repair

Black Screen After Crack on A2179 2020 MacBook Air

This A2179 MacBook Air from 2020 came in with a badly cracked LCD panel. As you can see it took quite a hit on the right-hand side of the screen and caused white lines to form along the cracks. The display itself stayed black, with no signs of the image on the screen other than …

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A2337 Broken Screen Fixed

2020 MacBook Air Broken Screen

I was able to get this 2020 A2337 MacBook Air screen repaired by replacing the LCD panel. Replacing just the LCD panel is a difficult repair, but it will save you more than $100 off the cost of replacing the entire display assembly. As you can see in the pictures below, the repaired computer looks …

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Multi-Colored Lines On MacBook Air Screen

Lines on broken screen MacBook Air

Sometimes when a screen gets cracked there are multi-colored lines on the display. This MacBook Air came in for a screen repair with these multi-colored lines and nothing else visible on the screen. The client wasn’t sure if there was something else wrong with the computer because they couldn’t see anything working on the display. …

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