Cracked when closed on headphones – Repaired MacBook Air

Headphones cracked screen before and after repair

This is one of the most common issues I see on cracked screens, something is sitting on the keyboard area when the computer is closed. It is usually headphones or a charger cable or similar, but sometimes it is even things as small as a grain of rice or two pieces of paper with a …

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Texas MacBook Air With Line On Screen

Before and after Texas MacBook Air repair

This MacBook Air came in from Texas with a vertical line right down the middle of the screen. What usually causes these vertical lines is an issue with the LCD panel and the wiring between the TCON board and the panel. In order to fix a line on the screen like this, you only have …

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A1466 MacBook Air Cracked Screen Repair

Before and after repair of an A1466 MacBook Air

I don’t get as many A1466 MacBook Airs as I used to, but I still get some! This model was one of the first ones Apple made with a pretty fragile screen. The newer 2020 M1 MacBook Airs seem to be even more fragile, but this redesign of the MacBook Air really did seem to …

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2019 A1932 Blank Screen After Crack

2019 A1932 MacBook Air Before and After repair

This 2019 MacBook Air with model number A1932 got a cracked screen. Immediately after the damage occurred the screen would no longer show any image, just a blank screen with some lines showing where the cracks were. The client sent it in for the screen repair utilizing my MacBook Air mail-in repair service. I had …

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2020 MacBook Air Screen Cracked During Cleaning

Before after A2179 Cracked During Cleaning with Liquid damage

This Silver 2020 MacBook Air was being cleaned when the LCD panel cracked on the bottom right-hand corner. The cleaning solution also entered the display assembly itself during the cleaning process, causing some areas of cloudiness in the backlight. The client wanted to replace just the LCD panel if possible so as to not spend …

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