I will only be completing screen repairs on Saturdays for the rest of 2024. Any computers that I receive Monday through Friday will be completed on Saturday.

A1466 2017 MacBook Air Cracked Screen

MacBook Air LCD cracked bottom right. Bars and lines on screen.

MacBook Air A1466 Cracked Screen

This MacBook Air took a hit to the bottom right of the display. The hit caused the LCD panel to crack which in turn caused the entire monitor to not show anything usable.

This client sent me a picture of the computer to verify that the LCD panel was the only issue here. Because the screen wasn’t showing anything usable at all, they were worried that the computer may have a deeper issue than just the LCD panel. In particular, they wondered if the entire display needed to be replaced because of the condition of the screen.

After taking a look at the picture I assured them that an LCD replacement would do the trick! You can see where the crack originates in the picture below, and there are no bends or problems with the display assembly.

closeup of MacBook Air cracked screen

Shipping the MacBook in for repair

This client was in CA when the accident happened, so they needed to ship the computer in for repair. I sent them the simple shipping instructions and they decided to use USPS to ship the computer to me for repair.

Once the computer arrived I ran a quick diagnosis using an external monitor. The diagnosis came back as good, with no issues present. Because the computer can not tell it has a cracked screen, it thought it was 100% functional and perfect, but visually it was obvious the screen was cracked.

A1466 closeup of cracked LCD panel

Replacing just the LCD panel

The main reason people decide to ship their computer to me for repair is that I offer LCD panel replacement on these models. This means instead of replacing the entire top half of the computer as the Apple Store does, I replace just the broken component. By replacing just the broken component I am able to offer my repair services for much less than most shops. I also work fast and have the computer repaired within 24 hours of receiving it. Many shops quote a few days or even a week to complete a repair like this.

In this case, the LCD was all that was the issue. I find that about 95% of cracked screens can be repaired by just replacing the LCD panel. Sometimes there is a dent on the housing or a really bent corner that keeps me from being able to repair the screen with just an LCD, but those situations are rare.

The process of replacing the LCD panel on these computers is tricky, but after completing literally thousands of them, I feel very proficient at this repair. I am always on the lookout for better methods or tools for these difficult repairs and have really fine-tuned my repair process. I have also trained a few other technicians on how to properly complete this repair, which really helps you develop processes that work.

MacBook Air Cracked Screen 23e

Shipping the repaired computer back

Once the repair was complete I sent the invoice over to the client for the repair total, and then got the computer boxed up and ready to ship out. I had this particular machine repaired within 18 hours of receiving it, so the quick turnaround allowed for fast shipping. The client paid the invoice quickly which allowed me to get it out that day before the shipping cutoff time!

Professional A1466 2017 MacBook Air Screen Repair

If you have a 2017 MacBook Air that you need the screen replaced on, please let me know! I would be happy to help you get your computer back up and running ASAP. You can start the repair process by filling out my repair form, or you can contact me with what is wrong with your computer and I can provide a quote for the repair.