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Cat Bites MacBook Air Screen – Cracks LCD Panel

Every so often I will get a Mac in that has been damaged by a pet. This particular MacBook Air was damaged by a cat chewing on the screen, but one of the more memorable ones was a client who came back again and again for keys that were broken on the keyboard. The third time they came in I asked if they were just falling off or if they knew what was causing them to break and they replied, “oh, it is just my Parrot. He doesn’t like me using the computer so much so he pulls the keys off the keyboard”.

You can see in the picture below the little marks from where the teeth punctured the LCD panel. Because the traces that carry the image go through this part of the LCD panel, when broken they can cause all kinds of visual issues, but most commonly it causes the entire screen to go black. This particular MacBook Air is the M1 model which does seem to be extra susceptible to screen damage.

Thankfully the only thing that needs to be replaced is the cracked LCD panel itself. No need to replace the entire display assembly for an issue like this. Once I replaced the LCD panel the computer worked as good as new again.

Repaired screen on MacBook Air

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