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MacBook Air LCD Repair Turns Out Better Than Expected!

This 2017 MacBook Air was one of the rare times where I thought the display was going to have a white spot after repair, and it didn’t! Normally if a hit is very hard, and at a sharp point, the display backlight sheet might get damaged. This damage causes a white spot to show up even after replacing the LCD panel, as the backlight sheet sits behind the LCD panel.

The Backlight on these displays sits along the bottom of the screen. It is a series of LED’s that shine light up towards the top of the display. This light travels along a series of white semi translucent sheets (somewhat paper like) that help reflect the light through the LCD panel and towards your eyes. If there is any kind of mar on these sheets, the light reflects that defect into your eyes so you see a white spot on the display.

You can see in the pictures below of the cracked screen that it appears something hit the screen with enough force and at a fine enough point to cause a white light to show through the LCD panel. I told the client that there would likely be a white spot post repair and asked if they wanted to go with a display replacement instead of just replacing the LCD panel.

The client said to continue with the LCD only repair, so I swapped out the LCD panel and was surprised to not be able to see any visible white spot after the repair! So this is one of those situations where the white spot was likely to be present and was not.

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