MacBook Air M1 Cracked LCD Repair

A2337 Before and After

Another MacBook Air M1 model with a cracked screen. As you can see in the picture some of the screen was still usable, but the whole left side was covered in lines caused by the crack originating at the bottom left. The client shipped the computer in for repair from out of state, utilizing my …

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13 Inch 2017 MacBook Air With Crack On Center Of Screen Repaired

13 Inch 2017 MacBook Air with Cracked Screen

This MacBook Air from 2017 took a hard hit directly in the center of the screen. You can see the impact point with the LCD cracks originating from it. A very small portion of the screen was still usable, and by connecting the computer to an external monitor I was able to verify it was …

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Badly Damaged Screen on an A1466 MacBook Air Repaired

MacBook Air Cracked LCD 01 rotated

This A1466 MacBook Air came in with a badly damaged LCD panel from a crack that oriiginated on the right side at the bottom and spanned all the way across the screen. The damage was so bad that the computer was not usable with the cracked screen. The client requested that I replace just the …

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Even cracked screens come in two and threes.

MacBook Air Screen Repair 27 Feb 2022

It is odd how many things seem to happen in batches. I will get a couple of the same model computers in at a time almost always. So I will have a rush of MacBook Air screens, then a rush of MacBook Pro screens, sometimes particular models will happen in rushes, etc. In this case …

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13 inch MacBook Air Screen Repair – Cracked on bottom left

bottom left crack macbook air 1

This MacBook Air had a crack that originated on the screen at the bottom left of the display. You can clearly see where the impact point is, and how that impact point effects the rest of the display. This is one of those cases where the computer was actually semi usable after the damage, and …

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