Half of MacBook Air Screen Covered in Lines

This 13" MacBook air took a hit to the bottom left that cause half the display to show white instead of the age. lines are also viewable on the left side going vertically as well as about 2/3 of the way to the bottom of the display.

When a MacBook Air has a cracked screen like this one, it is not very usable as a laptop unless you replace the LCD panel completely. Once the LCD panel is replaced, the computer looks as good as new. If you have a MacBook Air and you need the screen to be replaced, please consider

Point of impact on an 11 Inch MacBook Air

This 11 inch MacBook Air was closed on a pair of earbuds, causing the LCD panel to crack and display vertical and horizontal lines. Replacing the LCD panel fixed this screen.

11 Inch MacBook Air field of flowers in cracked LCD

This 11 inch MacBook Air A1466 was hit on the back of the screen, causing the LCD panel to become damaged and show black and purple spots on the display. We repaired this laptop by replacing the LCD panel. Sometimes display damage really can look like art!