I will be closed April 12th through the 18th. All computers received during the time I am away will be completed on Friday the 19th of April. 

Starting on April 19th, I will only be completing screen repairs on Fridays. Any computers that I receive Saturday through Thursday will be completed on Friday.

13 Inch MacBook Air Screen Repair

This 13" MacBook air took a hit to the bottom left that cause half the display to show white instead of the age. lines are also viewable on the left side going vertically as well as about 2/3 of the way to the bottom of the display.
The damage sustained by this MacBook air caused the display to only work on exactly half of the screen. This was likely caused by the ribbon cable that allows the I/O board on the display to connect to the LCD panel itself. The new LCD panels come with this new IO board including those ribbon cables, so a new LED panel fixed the display nicely.

Ribbon Cable Failures on MacBook Airs

In the picture above you can see that the display of this MacBook Air did receive a hit or trauma that caused the display to fail. There are two ribbon cables at the bottom of the display that connect to an IO board which in turn connects to the logic board of the Mac. The hit seems to have damaged the left side ribbon causing the video feed to not come through at all for that side of the display.

Failure without damage

While the picture above is clearly damage, we have seen cases where these ribbon cables fail without any obvious damage to the display. The failure seems to occur more frequently if the computer is moved around more than average (frequent flyers, train riders, etc). If you have a vertical bar on your display, the likely cause is damage or failure of the ribbon cables. The ribbon cables are not repairable, so an LCD replacement is required to get your computer back up and running.

13″ MacBook Air LCD Replacement Service

If you need your LCD replaced on your 13″ MacBook Air, select the service below to start the process of getting it fixed.
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Questions Regarding your Mac

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