I will only be completing screen repairs on Saturdays for the rest of 2024. Any computers that I receive Monday through Friday will be completed on Saturday.

A Broken LCD on A MacBook Air A1370

MacBook Air A1370 Screen Repair

This is a perfect example of a cracked LCD panel on an 11 inch MacBook Air. Purple, pink, and black blobs and smears all over the screen. It almost looks like ink is leaking out through the cracks.

The laptop was dropped, in addition to the broken screen there are also dents on the corners of the display. Those are just cosmetic defects, and will still be there after we finish fixing the MacBook Air’s screen. The owner of this laptop decided against a full display replacement to save money, so we are just replacing the LCD panel to get the computer usable again but leaving the dents on the sides of the display.

The screen repair for this laptop is pretty affordable through our mail-in service at the shop. We save you hundreds on your MacBook Air screen repair by offering LCD only replacements.

We specialize in MacBook Air screen repair. We have an industry leading 24 hour turnaround, and competitive pricing. If you have a broken screen on your Mac and are unsure what service you need, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within a few hours.