I will be closed April 12th through the 18th. All computers received during the time I am away will be completed on Friday the 19th of April. 

Starting on April 19th, I will only be completing screen repairs on Fridays. Any computers that I receive Saturday through Thursday will be completed on Friday.

Broken Screen on MacBook Pro A1278

Cracked LCD MacBook Pro

There’s no mystery about what happened to this 2009 13 inch MacBook Pro, the impact location is clearly impressed on the lower left side of the screen. It almost looks like a bullet hole, with a bright blue burst surrounding the point of impact. There are also gray and white portions of the screen and some vertical lines. All of this indicates that the LCD is broken.

There’s also a small crack in the glass under the sticker at the top of the screen. We replaced both the LCD and Glass on this MacBook to get the laptop back to fighting shape after it was accidentally cracked.

In this case the hit was from the front, but we do see this model MacBook come in with a broken display from a hit to the back of the screen. When this happens we can usually replace the LCD and just hit the dent out of the housing. It doesn’t look any better since aluminum stretches, but it won’t interfere with the new LCD that is installed.

Do you need your MacBook Pro display repaired? We offer both LCD and Glass replacements for MacBook Pros. Take a look at our pricing on our MacBook Pro Display Repair page.