13 Inch 2017 MacBook Air With Crack On Center Of Screen Repaired

This MacBook Air from 2017 took a hard hit directly in the center of the screen. You can see the impact point with the LCD cracks originating from it. A very small portion of the screen was still usable, and by connecting the computer to an external monitor I was able to verify it was all in good working order other than the display itself.

13 Inch 2017 MacBook Air with Cracked Screen

By replacing just the LCD panel this screen would be good as new, so I continued with replacing just the LCD panel itself. Replacing just the LCD panel saves you hundreds of dollars. Apple only offers replacing the entire display which is a much more expensive repair.

You can see in the picture below that post repair the screen works great! The client was very pleased to get their MacBook Air back up and running fully without having to spend almost as much as the computer is worth.

Repaired Screen on 13" MacBook Air

If you would like help getting your MacBook Air screen repaired, just let me know and I am happy to help!