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Classic Stripe On MacBook Air Screen Repaired

If you look through my blog you will see numerous examples of this issue, especially with the MacBook Air screens. It is likely the type of screen issue I see the most on these MacBook Air’s, even more than visibly cracked screens.

As I have mentioned before the issue that causes the stripe is a hairline crack along the left side of the display. There seems to be an issue with the display housing flexing during use (like when the computer is opened, closed, picked up from a corner, etc), that causes the hairline cracking along the edge.

I have seen this issue on computers that are immaculate and treated with the outmost care as well as computers that are obviously tossed around and not cared for much at all. The most classic description the client provides is that “the screen cracked on its own”. They didn’t drop or see anything happen to it, they just open it one day and it comes on exhibiting the issue.

Often times these hairline cracks will start to form along the edge of the LCD panel, but they won’t crack enough to cause the signal to stop flowing through the display. Then, after a while, you will just open the computer and the process of opening it will cause that tiny little bit of pressure needed to break the connection going through the display, causing the stripe to appear.

In some cases you can lightly twist the display and the connection will work for a minute while you apply pressure to the display, but this type of fix is short term indeed. Usually the issue with become worse within minutes or hours.

The fix for this stripe issue on a MacBook Air is to replace the LCD panel inside the display. I offer the service of replacing just the LCD panel in this model. By replacing just the bad part I can save you money over replacing the entire display assembly the way Apple does.

If you would like to utilize my service, you can checkout online with this MacBook Air Screen Repair Service. Please send me an email with any questions you have.