MacBook Air Dropped Down Stairs–and Survived!

This little 11inch MacBook Air took quite a fall down some stairs. The owner brought it in to us with dings on every corner and a broken screen. Considering how far it fell, the damage doesn’t look too bad.

MacBook Air with dent on Corner MacBook Air with Ding on Corner

MacBook Air with Damage on CornerMacBook Air with Dent on Corner

The screen shows classic signs of a cracked LCD panel, multicolored horizontal and vertical lines across a faded display.

11 Inch MacBook Air with Broken LCD

After repairing the LCD, it turns out the rest of the computer is okay, with only cosmetic damage to the corners remaining. MacBook Air Fixed Screen

We sent the laptop home with a beautiful new display and some battle scars from its fall.

MacBook Air After

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