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Vertical and Horizontal Lines on MacBook Air Screen

Broken Screen MacBook Air

A common presentation of LCD damage is vertical and horizontal colored lines covering the screen. The background on this screen is a solid black, but you can see many bands of white and colors crisscrossing the display. It almost looks like a plaid pattern on the MacBook Air screen.

If you look closely, you can also see a mark near the bottom of the display near the MacBook Air logo where the impact was likely concentrated. This 11 inch MacBook took a direct hit from a television remote to the front of the screen. Ouch!

Sometimes there is no impact point visible. When this is the case there is usually a cracked area of the LCD under the silver frame that surrounds the screen (the bezel). There is also a common issue where the screen has a single bar going from top to bottom but no cracks… this is an issue caused a a fault in the LCD circuitry which can be from a twisting motion.

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