A2251 2020 MacBook Pro Bent Corner

A2251 MacBook Pro before and after screen repair.

This A2251 13″ MacBook Pro had a bent corner and cracked screen. It was sent in from Illinois for a screen repair, and the customer provided me with pictures before sending it in. Due to the bent corner, I recommended going with a Used Grade A display replacement instead of replacing just the LCD panel. …

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Cat bites MacBook Pro screen – LCD repair process

MacBook Pro Cat Bites Screen

Every so often I get MacBook Pros in that have been chewed on by cats. I am not sure why they chew on the screens, but it does seem to be something cats do in particular. I have of course had a few screens that were chewed on by dogs, and a few that were …

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Bottom right crack causes vertical bars on MacBook Air

bottom right crack on macbook air

This MacBook Air is suffering from a crack on the bottom right of the display. This cracked LCD panel is causing vertical bars to show up on the screen. As you can see in the picture the edges around the screen do not have any dents, and the display itself is not warped at all. …

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A2442 Vertical Bar in the Middle of the Screen

A2442 with bar on middle of screen

I don’t see a ton of A2442 displays come in, but I am not sure if that is because the 14″ MacBook Pro has a more robust display, or if it is just because the replacement is a little on the pricey side. But when I do get this model MacBook Pro in, it is …

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Almost fully moved in!

Mac Screen Repair office

As anybody knows who has moved (after their 20’s), it takes forever to get fully moved in. I still have boxes to go through and organizing to do, but overall I am about as moved in as I expect to get for a while. It takes me about a year usually to get everything shifted …

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