Top has lines, bottom is blank – M1 MacBook Air

Cracked M1 A2337 Air

This M1 MacBook are came in with a crack on the top right of the screen. The crack caused the top portion of the screen to have many horizontal lines, and the entire bottom portion of the screen to be completely blank. The only component that needs to be replaced in a case like this …

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Cat Bites MacBook Air Screen – Cracks LCD Panel

Blank screen after crack.

Every so often I will get a Mac in that has been damaged by a pet. This particular MacBook Air was damaged by a cat chewing on the screen, but one of the more memorable ones was a client who came back again and again for keys that were broken on the keyboard. The third …

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MacBook Air Crushed Screen Repair – White Spots

A1466 Crushed Screen Repair

Most of the time a crushed MacBook Air screen will just require replacing the cracked LCD panel and it will be as good as new, but sometimes the crushing force on the screen will damage the backlight sheets and cause white spots that are visible even after an LCD panel replacement. This MacBook Air was …

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Cracked when closed on headphones – Repaired MacBook Air

Headphones cracked screen before and after repair

This is one of the most common issues I see on cracked screens, something is sitting on the keyboard area when the computer is closed. It is usually headphones or a charger cable or similar, but sometimes it is even things as small as a grain of rice or two pieces of paper with a …

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Texas MacBook Air With Line On Screen

Before and after Texas MacBook Air repair

This MacBook Air came in from Texas with a vertical line right down the middle of the screen. What usually causes these vertical lines is an issue with the LCD panel and the wiring between the TCON board and the panel. In order to fix a line on the screen like this, you only have …

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