I will be closed April 12th through the 18th. All computers received during the time I am away will be completed on Friday the 19th of April. 

Starting on April 19th, I will only be completing screen repairs on Fridays. Any computers that I receive Saturday through Thursday will be completed on Friday.

15 inch 2012 MacBook Pro A1286 With Damaged LCD Screen

This MacBook pro took a hit from the back towards the bottom left of the machine, below where the Apple logo is. The impact resulted in a damaged LCD screen, but the glass on the outside of the computer was perfectly fine. We replaced the damaged LCD panel while leaving the original glass in place. The computer is working great again!

Damaged LCD Screen from impact to back of display
An impact from the back of the display caused this MacBook LCD panel to stop working properly.

LCD only replacement, Glass still OK

This is another example of a computer that just requires an LCD replacement rather than an entire display replacement. When a non-retina MacBook Pro has a damaged LCD, but the glass that covers the LCD is not cracked, we are able to remove the glass and replace the broken LCD panel and re-use the same glass when putting the computer back together. No need to fix what isn’t broken. This component level repair will save you money.

At MacScreenRepair.com, providing you with excellent service is our highest priority. You can trust us to do the right thing and restore your MacBook to it’s original glory.

If you have a 15″ MacBook Pro with model number A1286, these are the services we offer for your Mac:
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