MacBook Air Two Cracks in Screen

Before and After LCD Replacement

Usually, there is only one area where the crack originated, but recently a client from New York sent their MacBook Air in with two cracks on the screen. A lot of these 2020 MacBook Air screens will go blank when they get cracked. So if your MacBook Air got screen damage and then the screen …

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M1 Air With Small Cracks In LCD Repaired

Before After A2337 Small Cracks

This M1 MacBook Air came in from a customer in Wyoming. They utilized our mail-in service to have just the LCD panel replaced on the computer. By replacing just the cracked LCD panel, we were able to save them over $200 off what Apple had quoted to replace the entire display assembly. As you can …

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Diagonal Crack on MacBook Air A2179

A2179 Before and After Screen Repair

This MacBook Air is the 2020 version with the intel process. The model number on the bottom of the laptop will show A2179. This particular model does seem to have a very fragile screen (as does the M1 A2337 version of this MacBook Air). The screen had a diagonal crack from the bottom left to …

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MacBook Air M1 Cracked LCD Repair

A2337 Before and After

Another MacBook Air M1 model with a cracked screen. As you can see in the picture some of the screen was still usable, but the whole left side was covered in lines caused by the crack originating at the bottom left. The client shipped the computer in for repair from out of state, utilizing my …

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Full Apple Display Swap on A2337 2020 MacBook Air

A2337 2020 Air with cracked screen

Every once in a while I will have a customer that has a crack on the screen that can be fixed by just replacing the LCD panel, but they want to have the entire display assembly replaced with a Genuine Apple display assembly. It is a more expensive part, but the labor to install it …

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