13-inch 2015 MacBook Pro Display Repair

A1502 2015 Screen Repair 1

Cracked screen from a camera cover This is something I see pretty frequently. The camera covers are almost always too thick for the Apple displays to close without causing pressure on the display. When that pressure is too much, it can cause a hairline crack like this computer has. This particular computer is one of …

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Damaged LCD Panel On Tiny 11-inch MacBook Air

11 inch macbook Air cracked screen

These 11-inch MacBook Airs are some of my favorite ultra-portable laptops. They remind me of the 12″ PowerBook G4 that came out way back in the day. Just thinking about that 12-inch model makes me cringe for the take-apart procedure though. I still remember tearing apart the entire PowerBook G4 and removing the logic board

Half of MacBook Air Screen Covered in Lines

This 13" MacBook air took a hit to the bottom left that cause half the display to show white instead of the age. lines are also viewable on the left side going vertically as well as about 2/3 of the way to the bottom of the display.

When a MacBook Air has a cracked screen like this one, it is not very usable as a laptop unless you replace the LCD panel completely. Once the LCD panel is replaced, the computer looks as good as new. If you have a MacBook Air and you need the screen to be replaced, please consider

Mac Liquid Damage Repair Options

Our number one repair is (you guessed it) cracked screen repair! But we also do a ton of other repairs as well. Liquid damage is one of our favorites because we are usually able to help get a computer back up and running for $100’s less than what Apple charges. Sometimes the damage is so …

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13 Inch 2017 MacBook Air With Crack On Center Of Screen Repaired

13 Inch 2017 MacBook Air with Cracked Screen

This MacBook Air from 2017 took a hard hit directly in the center of the screen. You can see the impact point with the LCD cracks originating from it. A very small portion of the screen was still usable, and by connecting the computer to an external monitor I was able to verify it was …

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