MacBook Air with vertical bar on display

2015 1322 Macbook Air Screen Repair Before

The most common issues I see on these air screens (besides cracks) are horizontal bars or discoloration. The horizontal issue is caused by cracking on the left hand side of the display, under the bezel. But this issue is a vertical bar from the top to the bottom of the display. Usually this vertical bar …

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13 inch MacBook Air with specs on display as well as cracked

MacBook Air Specs on Display 1f

This MacBook Air came in for an LCD replacement as it had a crack on the display at the center top of the screen. When I was completing my initial inspection I saw there were some specs under the LCD. I am not sure where this wear and tear came from or how it was …

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2014 13 inch MacBook Air Screen Repaired

2014 MacBook Air LCD Cracked 1a

This MacBook Air seemed to take a hit at the top right side of the screen. Most of the left portion of the screen was still usable, but the client needed the entire display to be working in order to get work done efficiently! They mailed the computer in for repair and it was completed …

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MacBook Air LCD Repair Turns Out Better Than Expected!

A1466 Air LCD Relacement 1b

This 2017 MacBook Air was one of the rare times where I thought the display was going to have a white spot after repair, and it didn’t! Normally if a hit is very hard, and at a sharp point, the display backlight sheet might get damaged. This damage causes a white spot to show up …

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