MacBook Air Screen Cracked By Itself

So your MacBook Air screen cracked? This issue is not uncommon. You can find accounts of the MacBook screen cracking by itself on Apple’s own forums as well as MacRumors, and others. A crack is only formed by some sort of force, but the amount of force and the type of force that causes a …

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Replacing Screens on Mac Laptops

We do MacBook screen replacement. We get dozens of Macs with broken screens in our shop each week. Each one is a little different. People often ask us, “how can I tell if my MacBook screen needs to be replaced?” Usually, damage to the MacBook’s LCD panel is pretty obvious. There are a few common …

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13 inch MacBook Pro and 11 / 13 inch MacBook Air LCD Replacements

We offer cracked screen repair through replacement of your LCD panel and/or glass screen, depending on whichever is damaged.¬†This cracked screen below looks pretty bad, with the horizontal and vertical colored lines and “shatter” image covering most of the screen. This type of cracking is common when the computer is closed on a small object …

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13 inch MacBook Air Cracked LCD Panel From Hit

This impact damaged MacBook Air Screen had a crack starting on the left side centered from a hard impact radiating outward. No a problem for the techs at

11 inch MacBook Air Cracked with Column

This cracked 11 inch MacBook Air screen most likely resulted from having headphones or earbuds left on the keyboard when the laptop was shut! No fun. Nobody wants to open their MacBook to find a cracked screen. This computer has only the top half of the video coming through. After replacing the LCD the computer …

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