MacBook Air A1369 Screen Repair

MacBook Air with LCD Damage

Here’s a great example of a 13 inch MacBook Air (Model A1369) with LCD damage. The screen looks like it’s been stained or drawn on with blue and purple marker, but actually the LCD panel is just broken. You can see part of where it’s cracked diagonally across the top left side of the picture above. …

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11 inch MacBook Air LCD Replacement with Residual Blemish

Residual LCD Blemish

This 11 inch MacBook Air was sent to us for a LCD replacment. It appears to have suffered a direct hit to the center of the screen from the front. As you can see there is a distinct impact mark on the screen, it almost looks like it was struck by a baseball or another …

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Broken Glass on MacBook Pro A1278 Screen

MacBook Pro a1278 broken glass

This is a great example of a glass only crack on a MacBook Pro non-Retina model. This 13 inch MacBook has clear cracks across the screen and bezel, giving the look of a cracked windshield in front of the screen. The LCD display underneath looks normal. On this model we are able to replace just …

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Purple and Blue Spots on MacBook Air Screen

MacBook Air Purple and Blue screen

This computer showed up with colorful blue, purple and black marks across the screen. This type of splotchy, ink-like, image on the display is a common sign of a broken LCD panel. The LCD was cracked across the middle of the display. Strange colors and black portions of the screen on a MacBook may look cool, …

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MacBook Air Dropped Down Stairs–and Survived!

MacBook Air with dent on Corner

This little 11inch MacBook Air took quite a fall down some stairs. The owner brought it in to us with dings on every corner and a broken screen. Considering how far it fell, the damage doesn’t look too bad.   The screen shows classic signs of a cracked LCD panel, multicolored horizontal and vertical lines …

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