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I’m Nathan. You can read a little about me and what I enjoy working on below! You can also read the posts in my blog to see what I am currently working on.


I am proud of the reviews I have received from clients. After over a decade of repairing Macs, I have amassed hundreds of reviews from happy clients.

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I offer a mail-in service that provides a safe and convenient way to utilize my affordable Mac repair services from anywhere in the country!


2015 MacBook Air With Black Circle On Screen

There are some cracked screens that are just very different from the normal cracked screens I see every day. This is a great example of one that I am not sure what caused the perfect circle of black to show up on the top left of the screen, but it sure did! It almost looks


MacBook Air Screen Replacement 2020 M1 A2337

Cracked screen on 2020 M1 MacBook Air I have said it a few times on this blog, but it bears repeating, the M1 MacBook Air from 2020 seems to have a more fragile display than the other model MacBook Airs. But in this case, the screen was closed on something that caused the crack in


MacBook Air A2337 Screen Crack Repaired

This A2337 MacBook Air is a perfect example of a crack that just showed up out of nowhere with no major trauma at all. You can see if you look closely that the damage is caused by a small hairline crack at the bottom of the display. This type of small hairline crack is really


A1989 2019 MacBook Pro Hairline Crack Repair

Some computers have a very obvious crack in the screen, …


Lines On MacBook Air M1 Screen

This MacBook Air A2337 had a crack on the LCD panel that caused lines on the screen. You can see the point of impact originated at the top center of the display, then the crack slowly spread down the screen causing part of the screen to go completely black, and another part of the screen


13-inch 2015 MacBook Pro Display Repair

Cracked screen from a camera cover This is something I …


Damaged LCD Panel On Tiny 11-inch MacBook Air

These 11-inch MacBook Airs are some of my favorite ultra-portable laptops. They remind me of the 12″ PowerBook G4 that came out way back in the day. Just thinking about that 12-inch model makes me cringe for the take-apart procedure though. I still remember tearing apart the entire PowerBook G4 and removing the logic board


Half of MacBook Air Screen Covered in Lines

When a MacBook Air has a cracked screen like this one, it is not very usable as a laptop unless you replace the LCD panel completely. Once the LCD panel is replaced, the computer looks as good as new. If you have a MacBook Air and you need the screen to be replaced, please consider

Repairs, Liquid Damage

Mac Liquid Damage Repair Options

Our number one repair is (you guessed it) cracked screen …